Viking VGSC5366BSS Series, Available in Black, Stainless Steel, White and Custom Colors

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Viking technology never fails to amaze culinary people when it introduces innovative features with its kitchen equipment. Viking VGSC5366BSS, which is the stainless steel model of the VGSC5366Bx 36-Inch Pro-Style gas range, has the amazingly sealed VSH Pro burners with VariSimmers technology. It has 5.1 cubic feet convection oven with ProFlow technology. Of course an infrared broiler is included and a self clean system. The VGSC5366Bx series come in black, stainless steel, white and custom colors

For a lot of chefs, this would perfectly complete their collection of kitchen equipment. Although its features are very specific, those who are not yet very familiar with the art of food can still professionally produce delicious foods with this Viking gas range.

Starting from the burners, to the oven, up to the grill, this gas range offers consistent professional and bold performance. The burners feature VSH or the VariSimmer-to-high system that can produce up to 18,500 BTU. All burners are designed with SureSpark Ignition System for automatic re-ignition even extinguished. For intense heat that is required for searing, this tool is equipped with GourmetGlo Infrared Broiler system.

The large capacity oven has six functions including infrared broil, convection bake, convection infrared broil, natural airflow bake, convection defrost, and convection dehydrate. The oven has 4 halogen lights for clearer visibility. A self clean system is employed having its porcelain surface. The burner caps are removable for easy cleaning.

You might actually get confused which knob to turn because it is all aligned just above the oven and below the burner cooktop. But after getting used on how to operate the equipment, you will only learn how to enhance your cooking skills using its amazing functions.

With its relatively larger capacity, you can actually cook foods all at the same time. You can even use the oven while simmering some foods on the burner. This is perfect for occasions like large family gatherings or even for your business.

When talking about the price, you won’t have to make it an issue since you will have the best features that a gas range can have.