Viking VGIC2454BX Professional Classic Series

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The introduction of Viking to professional cooking has made them more eager to deliver the perfect kitchen equipment for culinary enthusiasts. Now, Viking offers this Viking VGIC2454BX Professional Classic Series gas range with four open burners employed with VariSimmer technology. It has a ProFlow convection oven, and an infrared broiler with Gourmet-Glo technology.

Performance is always important when selecting kitchen equipment. This Viking gas range will perfectly suit the taste of culinary enthusiasts who want professional performance. For those who want a fully equipped gas range, this will be a perfect selection for classy kitchen equipment.

Maybe the bold look of Viking equipment is the reason why many people choose this brand. But of course, having its bold look, this equipment promises to give the professional performance when it comes to efficiency. This equipment features four open burners which surface are made from stainless steel and valves are made from brass which is designed to accommodate infinite setting range. The oven is designed with four sophisticated functions such as infrared broiling, defrosting, dehydrating, and two-element baking. The ProFlow technology employed in the convection oven is designed to maintain balance airflow for even distribution of heat.

With the sophistication of this Viking gas range, the only drawback here is the variety of functions that you need to memorize. But you don’t have to memorize it as long as you keep the manual safely. Now you can actually have your preferred food texture and consistency using this equipment.

Other competitive brands don’t even stand a chance when it comes to features. This Viking gas range is the greatest idea that you are going to get. Each function is carefully designed to address every cooking problem regardless of what heating process you are going to use.

Having the best features in the market, you won’t even remember its price after it efficiently and conveniently delivers professional performance.

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