Thermador PRG486GDH and PRL486GDH Pro Harmony

Thermador PRG486GDH and PRL486GDH Pro Harmony Rating:
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Thermador PRG486GDH is a Pro-Style gas range with six Pedestal Star Burners and larger convection oven capacity of 4.4 cubic feet. It also has a 2.2 cubic feet auxiliary oven, and an electric griddle with titanium surface.
Are you looking for larger kitchen equipment for your large family or rather your small business?

This Thermador 48-inch Pro-Style model is natural gas version of the PR486GDH series. Liquid propane model is available (PRL486GDH). It will perfectly suit your preference. This kitchen equipment can handle large cooking capacity which is also suitable for large families and small cooking business.

This brand comes in two efficient models depending on your preferred energy source. You can choose either natural gas model or liquid propane model. If you already purchased a model and want to switch to another, you can easily order the kit for conversion. This equipment has an efficient and unique star burner that delivers more heat because it has more flame ports. With this way, you can instantly boil water in shorter time having its 18,000 BTU/hr output. Its simmer system allows foods and sauces to keep warm without scorching even without stirring because if the adjustable temperature.

The griddle is made from aluminum cast and non-stick titanium surface that is rust proof. The convection has been employed with convection technology which only needs one fan to operate. It has a multi-rack cooking capacity since the temperature is consistently maintained. It also has an electronic thermostat that can help in maintaining the oven temperature with minimized heat variation. It also features a self-cleaning system which is well-regarded in the market today.

If you are quite careful with your energy consumption, this equipment might not be the ideal one since it has an extra flame outlet compared to other standard burners. But considering its benefits of delivering faster results, you might actually grab this equipment immediately.

If you need efficient equipment that can deliver faster and accurate results, this one should be your only preference.

Both models cost the same ranging from $8,500 to $8,800. You will later realize that this is far efficient than cheaper models since this can deliver foods in no time while your money is not being exhausted.