Maytag MGR8880AS 30-Inch, 5 Sealed Burners, Stainless Steel Gas Range

Maytag MGR8880AS 30-Inch Gas Range Rating:
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Maytag has been one of the most well known names when it comes to kitchenware industry. With the innovative technology the company used on its products, there are more and more people who are choosing to go their appliances. One of the newest products the company produces is Maytag MGR8880AS.

This stainless steel unit of gas range is part of the MGR8880A series, which also has black (MGR8880AB) and white (MGR8880AW) models available. Designed to enable you to cook everything, which range from your daily meals to big family feasts. This industry leading freestanding range offers the space in order to get everything done, along with the power to accomplish them fast.

This product is certainly suitable to those homeowners, who want to have a functional form of kitchen appliance that will help them do their cooking jobs in a fast manner. This is particularly true to those cooking enthusiasts wishing to work with their culinary at a fast and convenient way.

MGR8880AS comes with a number of beneficial features that you certainly want to get from such an appliance. This oven blends the capacity of the broil and bake burners, power vents and convention fan to preheat the equipment just within six minutes. With this feature, you can now spend lesser time for cooking food, yet have more time making the most of it.

The ten-year warranty on the appliance’s parts including oven burners, cooktop, and die cast metal grates make sure of long-lasting performance. It also features the True EvenAir Convection technology, which enables you to roast foods the maximum of 30% quicker as compared to the conventional oven. This is possible while at the same time you are acquiring outstanding baking and uniform browning performance.

The oven does not come with a self-cleaning feature, so you will need to clean it manually. But then, it is just so simple to clean it, so this makes no further issue for you.

With the functional and well through-out features the appliance has, there is certainly an assurance that you will get the best value to the money you spent for it. Therefore, when it comes to such kind of appliance, Maytag MGR8880AS could be an amazing choice, as well.