Maytag MGR7665WB 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range (Black)

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When it comes to gas range, you can trust Maytag and this company is proud to present to you their wide collection of gas range which include Maytag MGR7665WB 30-Inch Freestanding Gas Range. There are lots of things that you should know about this product. This appliance is for everyone most especially for those who love to cook.

Maytag MGR7665WB is made with an idea to bring the utmost level of convenience to the users. This gas range is equipped with stunning features. First of all, it comes with a large capacity of up to 5.0 cubic feet. With this feature, you have more space which you can use in cooking the main dish and the side dishes at the same time.

This freestanding gas range also comes with 2 pieces of 15,500 BTU power burners that will give you a high level of heat so that the water will boil faster and searing will be enhanced. It comes with an extra huge oven window which offers easy viewing for the inner side of the oven without opening its door.

The unit also comes with four sealed burners and a precision cooking mechanism with PreciseBake technology. This product features a storage drawer, so you can keep the kitchen utensils you usually use when you cook. This will let you make your kitchen look more organized and clean. This gas range is mainly intended to let you cook enough food to feed more persons as it comes with a larger capacity compared to any other gas range models available today.

Maytag MGR7665WB may not have the features you may see in other models, but you can always be sure that this will never make you feel disappointed when you cook. It is because it has the main features a gas range should have.

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