Hotpoint RGA724EKWH 24″ Gas Range

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Hotpoint RGA724EKWH is a 24-inch freestanding gas range which has four open burners with an electronic ignition that is pilotless. It has a capacity of 3.0 cubic feet oven with a broiler drawer. Its lustrous white housing will perfectly suit every clean looking kitchen interior.

Those cooking enthusiasts who love the all white clean looking kitchen equipment idea will surely love this Hotpoint design of gas range. This would perfectly suit for small family kitchen that only needs the right kitchen equipment that is enough to cook their everyday meals.

The best feature of this Hotpoint gas range is its electronic ignition that is pilotless. It offers an easy operation of burner that doesn’t need standing pilot to ignite the power. It can deliver variety of ideal heat output according to the user’s preference and to the food being cooked. The user will have the ability to control the burners in order not to overcooked or scorch the food.

Cleaning is the most difficult part when cooking process is done but this kitchen equipment’s cooktop is removable where you can lift the cooktop to access the porcelain coated subtop for easy cleaning. Like the subtop, the oven door is also coated with porcelain enamel that adds a scratch-free characteristic. It has flat continuous grates with a sturdy surface that allows pans to get easily moved between burners. The two durable oven racks are also made with durability which can accommodate even larger type of cookware.

Even it is as perfect as it looks, it still needs every now and then cleaning procedures because of its sleek white design. It needs to be well-maintained to remain its beauty but it’s not that very hard to do since you really have to do it every time you use it.

For a sleek and clean looking kitchen, this would perfectly suit the interior design. Aside from its sleek design, it can perfectly deliver efficiently cooked food.

With the price ranging from $500 to $600, Hotpoint RGA724EKWH is relatively cheap for a gas range. But the performance is competitive enough for high priced brands.

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