GE Profile PGS968SEPSS 30-Inch Slide-In Gas Range

GE Profile PGS968SEPSS 30-Inch Slide-In Gas Range Rating:
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GE Profile PGS968SEPSS 30-inch slide-in gas range has 4 sealed burners, a 2 speed convection oven, and a three heavy duty oven racks.

For a lot of culinary enthusiasts, this gas range would perfectly suit their taste. This gas range has the function of the three of the most important kitchen equipment. It can cook, grill, and bake at the same time.

This gas range offers 4.1 cubic feet of two speed convection oven capacity. The oven can deliver the most suitable result considering it can be adjusted in high or low heat depending on the food being cooked. It has a convection bake setting which optimizes the cooking process especially for casseroles, lasagnas, pies and pizzas, and other delicate foods. It features the convection roast system which can efficiently cook large cuts of meat. The heating process is delivered through all sides and thus making the heat equal which works faster than conventional oven.

It has an oven capacity that can cook the entire meal all at once which is very important especially if you are in a hurry. Cooktop is made from ceramic-glass offering a sleek design that can complement your countertop. As much as you can easily wipe clean your countertop, you can also apply the same process to this equipment. It is designed with self-clean feature including the heavy-duty racks that doesn’t need to get scrubbed.

Before you make some finished touches of your kitchen interior, it is best to purchase first this product if you don’t want to make adjustments after finishing your kitchen countertop. The slide-in feature of this product will only be applicable if you are not yet finished designing your cooktop.

After you carefully leveled all of its dimensions with your kitchen countertop, it will pretty much look like it is attached directly to it.

The original price of this product when it was first launched is about $2,000 above, but now, some adjustments have been made wherein you can actually purchase it from $1,800 to $2,000 maximum. You will certainly not regret purchasing this product since it is designed with durability.