Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30-Inch Stainless Steel Gas Range, Sealed Burner

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Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30-inch gas range is a top-quality gas range that you can add to your kitchen. It is also among the products that are typically preferred by most homeowners. It is because it is a product of the famous company Frigidaire. This gas range is ideal for all families with more family members.

The FFGF3053LS has four sealed burners and 1-touch cleaning system that are admirable features for a gas range. It also comes with an oven which has a 5.0 cubic feet capacity. There are some people who shared what they can say about this product and they rated it with the highest score because of its great performance and top-level quality.

It is a stylish gas range, so it can complement any kitchen well. You will be impressed with its design and you will also admire its features.

The following are the features of this gas range from Frigidaire:

  • Four sealed burners and low-simmer burner
  • Fast boil burner
  • 5.0 cubic feet capacity for the oven
  • With ready-select controls
  • With storage drawer that can accommodate more stuffs and kitchen tools
  • It weighs 150 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.50" x 29.88" x 47" (D x W x H)
  • It comes with grates made of cast iron and finished with black matte
  • With 1-touch self-cleaning system
  • Auto-oven power off
  • Timed-cook choice
  • Extra-large oven window
  • Delay-start baking choice

Frigidaire FFGF3053LS is sold at a cheaper cost, so anyone can afford and have this product. On the other hand, the handle of this gas range is quite bulky and although it is made from stainless steel, you may not feel comfortable when holding this. You will need to ask help from others so that you can take it where you intend to move this gas range. After all, it remains to be one of the best models you may consider when it comes to gas ranges.

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