Frigidaire FFGF3011LW 30-Inch Gas Range, White

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Frigidaire FFGF3011L 30-inch gas range is a great freestanding gas range and it is one of the best options for a meticulous cooker. It combines an impressively-sized oven and a durable gas cooktop.

This combination makes this product a perfect kitchen appliance that can be a great addition to any kitchen. This product is mainly intended for all persons who love to cook.

Frigidaire FFGF3011L comes with different features which are all aimed to provide you the easiest and most convenient way to cook your favorite dishes. It has ready-select controls that make it an incredible product to use.

With this feature, it will be easier for you to select the cooking settings and temperature levels suitable for the recipes you cook. This feature also allows you to use this product as a cooking timer.

Frigidaire FFGF3011L has a color-coordinated oven door that has a big window. This part looks attractive and you will find it useful. With the huge window, you will be able to check the food while it cooks without opening the door of your oven.

This product also comes with a low-simmer burner, which is suitable for all delicate sauces. It can keep the warmth of the cooked food while all are waiting for the right time to eat. It is made and engineered in USA.

The following are the features of the FFGF3011L:

  • 18,000 BTU broiling mechanism
  • Extra huge oven window, which will let you view the food while it cooks
  • Serve and broil drawer
  • With 4.2 cubic feet oven, which you can clean manually
  • With an electric kitchen timer

You will surely admire this product due to the features it has. Likewise, it performs well as it can perfectly cook the foods you would like to serve to your loved ones.

Although it may not have more technological features which are present in any other gas range models, this product can cook foods in the most effective way. It is cheaper, so more customers choose this one.

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