FiveStar TTN5317BW 48-Inch Pro-Style Gas Range

FiveStar TTN5317BW 48-Inch Pro-Style Gas Range Rating:
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Price: $6,379.00 – 7,063.00

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The FiveStar TTN5317BW is stainless steel model of the TTN5317 series. It is a 48-inch Pro-Style Natural Gas Range which is sophistically designed with 6 burners that are sealed and can produce heat ultra-high and low. It has two 2.92 convection ovens and double sided griddle/grill.

This FiveStar equipment is built to help serious chefs in the house. For those who are passionately making foods to satisfy other people, this pro-style gas range will fulfill all your dreams when it comes about cooking. If you want perfection then you don’t to hesitate acquiring this equipment.

FiveStar equipment has been delivering efficient performance for quite some time. This is like an all-in-one tool that can perform efficiently when talking about culinary.

It features 6 burners that are surface sealed and can produce up to 21,000 BTU using natural gas. The burners can produce ultra-high and low temperature with continuous grates. You can even simultaneously sear, simmer or sauté foods all at once using the burners with ease.

It also features 48″ double oven that is designed with two broilers. The two ovens can operate using gas or electrically. It also has a TurboFlow convection technology which can be used for making moist and dry foods. This is just like having the best of both worlds. The stainless steel and porcelain coating of the equipment is another brilliant idea for easy cleaning purposes.

Even if you found some drawback in this equipment all the amazing features will wipe it clean. You don’t have to be reminded of its flaws considering it is just so minor that you can even just forget it.

Imagine cooking the foods all at once with this equipment. The FiveStar TTN5317BW will perfectly deliver delicious foods simultaneously. You are guaranteed that purchasing this one is the best decision that you are going to make when it comes to sophisticated kitchen equipment.

For about $6,000 to $7,100, you can have this equipment and improve your culinary skills. You can eventually enhance your passion for cooking and forget about its price.