DCS RGU-486GL Professional Series

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The DCS RGU-486GL is a 48-inch Pro-Style Gas Range which is one of their amazing kitchen equipment that comes along in the professional series. It offers two models, the RGU-486GLL which uses liquid propane and RGU-486GLN for natural gas version.

RGU486GL has 6 burners that are sealed and a relatively larger oven capacity of 5.3 cubic feet. The secondary oven measures 2.4 cubic feet. The grill produces heat for up to 12,000 BTU. It also has a telescopic racking and an infrared broiler and comes in two different energy sources.

For a relatively large family, this DCS gas range will perfectly fit their kitchen since it can accommodate large sizes of meals. With its 6 sealed burners, it can instantly cook foods in no time. This is also advisable for small family business since it has a large oven capacity with a spare.

This amazing gas range features a dual flow sealed burners that can produce a maximum of 17,500 BTU which can cook food faster. Although offering a high temperature cooking, it can simmer down foods for as low as 140 degrees. It is designed with easy to clean features. The side racks are removable for easy cleaning of oven space.

The bead-blasted finish as well as the cooking surface that is encapsulated makes it easier to clean. The convection oven is large enough to hold baking sheets of full size. The fully extended telescopic racking system is designed to give easy and smooth oven access. The grill produces 12,000 BTU with an advanced grease management system.

For family use, this gas range is relatively pricy. But the overwhelming performance will wipe out all your hesitations. This will perfectly accommodate your cooking needs considering it has a large capacity to cook meals.

Efficiency is what makes the equipment reliable. This is DCS’ pro-style gas range can cost you about $6,500 to $6800. Considering its efficiency, convenience, and durability, your purchase will be worth it.