Bosch NGM8054UC 800 Series 30″ Gas Cooktop

Bosch NGM8054UC 800 Series 30-Inch Gas Cooktop Rating:
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Bosch has introduced once again one of its groundbreaking kitchen appliances, which is known to be the Bosch NGM8054UC 800 Series gas cooktop. This is an industry leading unit of gas range that is provided with five burner cooktops, which offers extreme versatility and high performance in a 30 inch space.

It comes with a profound recessed maintop that catches boil spills and over for easy cleaning. It also features a low profile constant grates that offer a versatile area to perform the job on, which also maximize the utilization of different burner sizes.

This gas cooktop from Bosch is perfectly suitable to those people, who are fond of cooking various meals at a time. With the product’s exceptional cooking features, anyone will certainly appreciate using it when making different course. The use of this product is also ideal to those homeowners, who want to complement the looks of their kitchen. Since it comes with an appealing design, this is certainly an ideal accessory that will balance any kitchen furnishings.

This exceptional Bosch NGM8054UC unit provides extreme versatility and high performance in a 30 inch space. In addition to enabling quick searing or fast boiling, the PowerSim cap disseminates the flame on low setting for maximum simmering of subtle sauces without burning them. The OptimSim burner offers exceptional simmering as little as the 400BTU effect. This is definitely ideal for the most subtle sauces and liquids. It comes with deep recessed maintop that catches boil spills and overs for easy cleaning. For additional convenience, this unit comes with an automatic re-ignition.

The product doesn’t come with an oven, so this could be a drawback for some. However, if cooking jobs is what you will consider, this unit is certainly an ideal choice.

With the product’s exceptional and functional features, it could be one of the most perfect choices you could ever take. So, when planning to purchase a new gas range, make sure not to miss this new Bosch 800 Series NGM8054UC in your list of choices.