Bertazzoni PRO486GGAS Professional Series

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Originating from a region that specializes in food, Bertazzoni is designed with precision. The Bertazzoni PRO486GGAS Professional Series features six sealed brass burners with 3.6 cubic feet main convection oven. It also has an auxiliary oven, a storage drawer and an electric griddle.

This gas range is perfect for large families that need to cook large amount of food especially during special occasions. This will also suffice a small family business like a restaurant catering to small towns.

Precision, carefully engineered, highest specifications is what Bertazzoni offers to their consumers. When they create kitchen equipment such as this one, they significantly consider the food quality that it can produce.

Along with its precision-engineered features include multi-sector and high efficiency burners, heavy-duty grates made from cast iron, ignition system that is one touch, child safety system, electric griddle made from stainless steel, balanced air flow oven, and infrared gas grill for broiling.

The burners provide efficient heat for high temperature foods as well as low temperature for simmering. Burners are designed with different sizes for accuracy and versatility. The balanced air flow function of the oven produces evenly cooked food which is efficient enough for baking and roasting.

Infrared gas grill enhances searing and broiling system. The triple-glaze door ensures the low amount of heat loss.

The control knobs are lined up just above the oven and below the burner cooktop. It may sound confusing but after series of operation, you will certainly get used to it even when no looking on its label.

Having a spare oven, you can perfectly cook large amount of meals all at the same time. Having its 6 diverse burners, you cook foods evenly considering that you can control the temperature of the burner.

When you are choosing a kitchen equipment, you don’t actually first look at the price. You immediately ask for its features because that is all that matters. In the end, you will still end up purchasing effective equipment such as Bertazzoni.

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