36 Inch Gas Range: Brands and Models

Select 36-inch gas ranges with high ratings and satisfied users:

Bertazzoni A365GGVXENG Master Series 36-Inch Pro-Style Gas Range, 5 Sealed Burners, Convection Natural Gas - Pro-style gas range with 5 sealed burners, 3.6 cu. ft. European convection oven, manual clean and 4-inch backguard. Electric ignition. Minimalist style compared to other appliances. Simple knobs turns to adjust everything. Easy to use, but without timer. Safety feature allows no gas spewing out from the burner into the room. Some customers complain this unit is radiating some heat.

If you are in the market for a quality gas range for your home kitchen, then you should take a moment to seriously consider investing in a 36 inch gas range. Even though there are many different types and sizes of gas ranges that you may already have considered purchasing, there is an overabundance of features and benefits that you can greatly benefit from once you have made the decision to invest in it.

The vast majority of 36 inch gas ranges are high quality appliances that come with six-burners; therefore, you will have full access to several different burners that can allow you to cook some great meals in a short period of time.

With a 36-inch gas range in your home, you will actually be able to experience a professional quality appliance that is also used in most restaurant kitchens and other types of kitchens that are used for commercial purposes. Make sure that the range that you consider purchasing is stainless steel, because that is going to provide you with the most quality, durability and overall value for your hard-earned money.

When shopping for a gas range, another feature that you definitely want to have included is simmer capabilities and an optional luxury that will make everything much easier for you to deal with in your kitchen is a dual convection oven.

The colors and other bells and whistles that may be featured on the different 36 inch range options that are available to you are fine, but they only sweeten the deal. You definitely want to make sure that your range is able to provide you with the quality, core features first and foremost because then you will know that you have a made a great choice and have a solid investment for your kitchen.